New Clinic is a community clinic devoted to fostering relationships. To that end we offer natural obstetric and gynecological services including fertility treatments, child, family and relationship counseling, and homeopathic pediatrics. Infertility is a growing problem today and we take a multi-factor approach. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine has proven to be one of the most effective treatments for this condition as it is able to nourish the aspects of deficiency causing this condition for which there is no pharmaceutical or surgical medicine. Ancient and modern methods of chronobiology enable us to reestablish biological and environmental rhythms balancing gynecological and hormonal cycles. In difficult cases relationship counseling and homeopathic constitutional treatments are able to remove unseen blocks to pregnancy. We also maintain a natural obstetric network of midwives, doulas, and birth centers. This integral approach has provided an unmatched success rate.

Children are extremely sensitive and even more affected by the bioenergetic treatments than adults. Their immune system is in the process of learning and facilitating it with natural medicine can help them develop more robust health and abilities to process disease. Subtle acupuncture without even the need of needles and minute homeopathic doses of mineral and plant based remedies serve them better than synthetic biochemicals which suppress symptoms unnecessarily.