Homeopathic Medicine

While Homeopathic Medicine was formally developed some 200 years ago by Samuel Hahneman, its roots extend thousand of years back in Eastern and Western Medical systems. The allopathic medical model which currently dominates orthodox medicine treats symptoms mechanically with their opposite, for example reducing a fever with anti-inflamatories or killing microbes with antibiotics. The homeopathic approach attempts to stimulate the immune system and vital energy with micro-doses of natural remedies, based on their similarity or “resonance” with the overall symptoms and constitution of the patient.

While homeopathic pharmaceutical formulas are specially prepared for this as internal medicine, treatments such as acupuncture and psychoanalysis are homeopathic in that they work alone the same lines. Rather than suppressing symptoms which can lead to deeper damage, a homeopathic approach seeks to express layers of suppressed symptoms so that they can be acknowledged and released expanding the vital energy and drive of the organism and psyche.