Our Approach

New Clinic is the first and only full service Integral Medicine and Psychiatry clinic in the US, offering a unique model of healthcare integrating the best of traditional-modern, east-west, mind-body medicine. We are innovating both the way medicine is practiced and the way it is delivered, offering not just a service but an experience of transformation. While we incorporate a diversity of modalities including acupuncture, herbology, homeopathy, naturopathy, psychotherapy, and bodywork, these are used within a unique treatment plan designed for each patient. 

New Clinic maintains an Alternative Health Network of medical and therapeutic clinicians devoted to an innovative approach to healing - Integral Medicine. While the central office is located in New York City, our network of practitioners work in various locations including private offices, workshops, and via internet. New Clinic aims to restore Community Medicine to the modern world by empowering and educating patients in healing through group and individual treatments designed to minimize cost and maximize effectiveness. 

We currently have offices in Soho and Williamsburg, New York City, but maintain an extended network of patients throughout the country by internet, phone and personal visits. For more information or to set up an appointment please call or consult our website. 

What is Medicine?

The field of medicine is currently undergoing a revolution. The dominant paradigm is shifting. Medicine is the last institution to follow the growing cultural and political diversity of twentieth century postmodernity. Scientists, clinicians, and patients alike are now turning to the rich variety of comparative medicine found in other cultures as well as the growing variety of modern practices being evolved through modern chaos and complexity theory, quantum physics and bioenergetics. We already have a diversity of physicians trained in different approaches, it only remains to translate amongst them and create a truly integral medicine. Orthodox Western medical doctors (MDs) work along side other medical doctors such as Oriental medical doctors (OMDs), naturopathic doctors (NDs), homeopathic doctors (HMDs), osteopathic doctors (DOs), chiropractic doctors (DCs), psychologists (PsyDs) and psychoanalysts (PhDs). Among these different physicians, some specialize in mental, emotional, behavioral, and psychosomatic medicine, while others specialize in internal versus physical medicine, and still others distinguish themselves by biochemical and surgical methods or through bioenergetic and structural methods. While some hospitals have developed so-called integrative or holistic medical departments these are usually pseudo-integrative in that they offer alternative techniques under the still unquestioned principles of allopathic biomedicine. Truly integrative medicine only exists on an institutional scale in the East where for example biomedicine coexists with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Kampo medicine, Indian Ayurvedic medicine, and homeopathic medicine. But what we are really seeking - and what we provide at New Clinic is a truly Integral Medicine which translates and articulates among all of these approaches how they relate to each other and where each is practiced in the total art of healing.