Acupuncture is the oldest systematic form of medicine in the world, developed thousands of years ago and outlined in the ancient “Classic of Internal Medicine.” It treats body and mind through the stimulation of points which access the blood, fluids, nerves, hormones, cells and other anatomical and physiological structures. It is only in recent years that modern biophysics has elaborated a scientific understanding of this ancient practice tracing the meridian energetic processes in the body through the illustration of Einstein’s energy-matter equation and the quantum wave-particle relationship as it unfolds in the human body. While acupuncture’s successful treatment of the mind is harder for modern science to conceptualize, its proof is undisputed as controlled studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in treating depression, anxiety and other psychological imbalances. While acupuncture’s true method is to treat the deep roots of the whole person, the World Health Organization itself has published a list of literally dozens of specific conditions and symptoms for which acupuncture is effective.